ANIMAL: Photo Scavenger Hunt

OK, so I'm new to the Scavenger Shot herd, but as a newcomer, I figured I'd better come up with something pronto! I found this horse whose image I took from the car window on my trip to Lake Tahoe last fall with my then-boyfriend, when we got engaged. I was not yet engaged when I snapped this photo, but that horse just looks like he knows something...

(See Evil E's page for detailios on the Scavenger game)

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Blogger *Renee* said...

Welcome K-SRA :)! I'm new to this as well and found ya through Evil E's page. Very nice shot of the horse! Looks like a pic from National Geographic :)! And the sky is so beautiful :D! Amazing!

23/8/08 01:53  
Anonymous evilesb138 said...

welcome to the party that is the Saturday Scavenger Hunt, I hope to see you in the game all the time. I see you have been introduced to the other new player, my girl Renee.

I like the photo it has an almost painting quality to it. I actually had to look twice because I thought it was a painting.

23/8/08 06:47  
Blogger Tara said...

Horse: "Tee hee...I know somethin' you don't know...You're gettin' engaaaaged!"

Yay! Welcome to Saturday Scavenger Shots! I realized the other day that you had asked me what it was, but before I could explain it I got distracted by something. Sorry about that! Glad you're in the game!

Perfect shot for this week's word.

23/8/08 07:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt, K_Sra, I like the picture. And also, congratulations on that whole marriage thing.

24/8/08 19:13  
Blogger k_sra said...

Hi All! Glad to be part of the fun. Renee, thank you for the compliment 9lucky shot, I guess) and welcome to you, too! : )

Evil E: thanks for starting something fun and kind of crazy.

Tara: s;okay, I know a famous blogger like you has to manage your time carefully. (you, hotshot, you!) : )

Alien: thanks, man. i am a contented newlywed. : )

25/8/08 08:56  
Blogger NoRegrets said...

Is that why he looks so excited??

And welcome..

25/8/08 09:23  
Blogger k_sra said...

noregrets: I think he's smirking at me! : )

25/8/08 11:25  
Blogger Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt..great shot of the horse.. I think he was keeping it to himself ..And Welcome to married life..

26/8/08 05:54  
Blogger k_sra said...

thank you for the welcome to both the hunt and wedded life, Mrs. HW! i am enjoying both! : )

26/8/08 08:15  
Blogger MrManuel said...

There you are..I couldn't seem to find your blog. I'll put you on my blogroll later today...

26/8/08 14:41  
Blogger k_sra said...

Thanks for finding it anyways, Mr. Manuel. Shows tenacity and spirit.

26/8/08 14:54  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

Welcome to the scavenger hunt. This here looks like a mighty fine blog. But you could use a caption contest or two. And maybe a picture of knit clothing that makes you look naked.

27/8/08 01:04  
Blogger k_sra said...

Worldy! I knew if I left enough breadcrumbs you'd find me!

how's life and all things lifely?

27/8/08 08:23  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

Great! There's a little 'gineer on the way! (check multiply for an early picture)

I wish you had told me about the whole abstinence thing earlier. (kidding)

27/8/08 18:28  
Blogger k_sra said...

Oh, WOW! That is awesome news, Worldgineer! Congrats to the whole gang! = )

I'll go fish around for more info on multiply, but that's just amazing! Do I get to be their agnostic-mother (since there probably isn't a godmother role available)?

27/8/08 18:56  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

Will you settle for internet-aunt? Your main job will be to post entertaining pictures and share useful advice.

27/8/08 22:07  
Blogger k_sra said...

I'll take whatever you give me. ; )

28/8/08 07:19  
Blogger Churlita said...

I love the photo. That horse does look like a painting. And congrats on the marriage thing.

28/8/08 08:57  

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