Advice To New Wives

Don't say you're coming to your husband's softball game and then run errands through the whole thing.


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Blogger JeniBeans said...

Good advice! =)

22/8/08 15:30  
Blogger *Renee* said...

LOL, I am not married but I could only imagine! I think they have worse PMS then us ladies ha ha :)!

23/8/08 01:54  
Anonymous evilesb138 said...

That is good, sound advice...though we don't act like we are paying attention, we notice.

23/8/08 06:49  
Blogger k_sra said...

jeni: I speak from experience of course...

renee: I KNOW, right? Who'd a thunk it? Although to their credit, men do also usually give up stuff in the past a lot quicker than we do. memory of elephants, us girls!

evil e: yeah, it takes a little while to get used to that whole interdependent thing. Slightly strange to be such a connected part of someone else's life, but I'm loving it!

25/8/08 08:59  
Blogger NoRegrets said...

Oh, boy o boy... I'm sure you made it up to him though...

25/8/08 09:24  
Blogger k_sra said...

noregrets: as only a newlywed can. ; )

25/8/08 11:26  

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