The artwork of Beijing-based artist Liu Bolin, must be seen to be believed. He carefully erases his human subjects into backdrops of a culturally dominant Chinese landscape. Love his impressions of the world as well as his near-seamless presentation. Gallery here. More pics and Liu's take on his own work here.

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Blogger MrManuel said...

That is an awesome piece of work!

27/8/08 14:51  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

Cool. They look photoshopped, but maybe that's just because he's really good.

27/8/08 18:37  
Blogger Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is so clever.. he has some serious talent .. very cool ..thanks for sharing..

27/8/08 19:16  
Anonymous evilesb138 said...

I always appreciate a good schtick when it comes to art. Creating new ways to be creative is what it is all about.

27/8/08 19:32  
Blogger *Renee* said...

This is really awesome and very original :)!

27/8/08 19:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is very cool. I will have to check out the gallery later.

27/8/08 21:24  

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