Although changing into my wedding gown was a pretty big deal (and it took a little bit of time), marriage itself has been the biggest (and best) change in my life so far. I am so glad to be married to a wonderful friend who loves me with his whole heart and is always looking out for my good. I realize not every marriage gets to be so lovey-dovey or happily-ever-after, so it is with great humility that I express my delight in my partner. Thank you, Darling, for being the most wonderful change in my life! : )

(pictured above: my sister and matron of honor putting the finishing touches on my dress closure.)

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Blogger laura b. said...

Aw, you make me want to cry! What a lovely change.

7/3/09 14:46  
Blogger Tara said...

You give the best examples for Saturday Scavenger Shots!

7/3/09 22:08  
OpenID aliencg said...

You get credit for having the absolute happiest representation for the word. Good picture.

8/3/09 11:20  
Blogger Churlita said...

Yea! More beautiful wedding photos. Your happiness gives me hope. keep bringing it.

9/3/09 12:51  
Blogger Pamela said...


13/3/09 14:54  

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