This is an old shot I took years ago (and appears in my photographs section of this blog), but it makes the most sense at the moment and I'd like to submit it as my belated Scavenger Shot picture*. I'm tired and feeling a little 'hungover' from Easter weekend. Looking forward to taking a nap. :)
*I participate in a weekly scavenger hunt for photos related to a select word. A group of us on the internet make the rounds to see everyone else's photos and comment on how they treated the subject matter. The only rules are 1) post on Saturday (something I often fail to do) and 2) only use pictures you yourself have taken. If you want to join the fun, let us know here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have plenty of the little alien toys up in my desk. Good picture, I like it.

13/4/09 21:51  
Blogger Tara said...

There's something very endearing about that photograph. I love that little green alien in his weapon-proof saucer.

I am not an egg eater, but I have deviled eggs and regular eggs waiting for me to eat them. What is it about the specific holidays that brings out the craving for such things?

13/4/09 22:00  
Blogger Churlita said...

Nice shot. Very well done.

14/4/09 12:17  
Blogger NoRegrets said...

I really like that shot.
Your new nickname is hardass... ;-)

14/4/09 13:40  
Blogger laura b. said...

What a cute little alien! I really like this photo.

14/4/09 18:16  

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