Fight the Sadness, Artax!

It's a gorgeous day here in Cleveland and when I woke up from the luxury of sleeping in, I was in a lovely, happy, sunny mood. Despite my attitude of contentment, I remembered a line from the movie "Neverending Story" which always makes me laugh a little. It's a line I've used on myself when I was feeling down and out and it never failed to make me cheer up a little: "Fight the sadness, Artax!" If you are ever 'fighting the sadness' I suggest you encourage yourself with this scene from the movie. I do realize that Artax loses to the sadness, but if you call yourself 'Artax' and remember the screaming desperation in the little boy's voice, I'm pretty sure you will do what the horse could not, and fight the sadness. Hope you are having a fantastic week so far!

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Blogger Churlita said...

I've actually never seen Neverending Story. Weird, I know.

24/3/09 11:30  
Blogger Tara said...

I remember that scene and crying so hard because I didn't want to see Artax give into the sadness and sink. But I will remember the quote for those rainy days.

24/3/09 21:12  

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