Stand Up and Cheer

For Use Parsley. She's thinking of becoming a cheerleader.

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Anonymous uncle jim said...

ya did it again ... i followed your link and ended up reading some ditso blog by a frustated housewife / mother / teacher / writer / cheerleader-wannabe - but her parsley thing confuses me more than her mother's jewish wedding remarks.

30/7/05 22:56  
Blogger k_sra said...

You were just supposed to read the cheerleading post, Uncle Jim. Whatever you read beyond that is your own fault and no jewish weddings can be blamed for your ill-advised reading.

31/7/05 13:03  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

well, i guess you're right ... i'm guilty of going farther into the blog than i shoulda - kinda like 'enter at your own risk', i guess. maybe i'm just jealous cause my twin brother was a cheerleader and i never tried. think its too late?
keep up the interesting stuff - it sho beats the newspaper for passing the time.

31/7/05 21:02  
Anonymous Amy said...

Hey, Uncle Jim--BLOW ME. You sure did read a lot of my site despite my being "ditso" and "frustrated."

16/9/05 12:29  

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