Who's Helping The Upperdog?

Just a few of the 95 nations sending aid to the US for disaster relief efforts:

South Korea $30,000,000
India $5,000,000
Japan $200,000 and quadruple that in supplies
Afganhistan $100,000
Sri Lanka $25,000
Germany MRE's, high-speed pumps, forensic experts

It's almost embarrassing how much aid is coming our way. And also kind of touching. Sri Lanka is still wrapped in the fog of recent tsunami damage. There were reports of aid offerings waiting US approval and even some that were outright rejected. Iran in particular was turned away, but ostensiably because they offered crude oil in exchange for a lift on the trade embargo and apparently the US wasn't feeling it.

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Blogger Lukas Abrhm said...

what about Cuba? they are attempting to send 1100 doctors who are specifically used for this kind of relief....only politics get in the way.

one other thing...how is it that cuba can evacuate a million people, their tv's, and their refrigerators without problem???

makes now sense, whatsoever that a nation that poor does sooo much better then us.

9/9/05 01:50  
Blogger k_sra said...

There is the problem of politics, always, but there is also the problem of organizing, sorting, appropriating and distributing. It is a monumental task to sort out, divide and ship all the money, supplies and specialists flooding the country right now. We may refuse aid from some countries for political reasons and we may delay aid from other countries for logistical reasons.

9/9/05 09:33  

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