Daily Lunch Bagger 9/27/06

Let's face it, with a new job position (I got a promotion before I got hired!) and the learning curve it will indubitably carry, I won't have the wherewithall to post a daily lunch bag. Let alone a daily post. For a short while. (I don't actually have a lunch break at the moment, so technically there's not an actual lunch time in which to Blog.)

And there it is.

But for today I give you a little "aww" moment: Shasta Saved! (See? Some dogs do go to live on a farm when they get old!) Also note that barfing is bad and raw meat is a "dangeous" fad. Yuck. This Lunch Bag is turning ugly....

How about let's turn our attention to immigration? In the mid 90's, do you know who the top sending countries were for naturalized US Citizens? Check it out.

And for diss-ert, a little Grumble Cake from the local news...

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Anonymous uncle jim said...

at least you're working ... and sometime tell us a little about how you are occupying and using that portion of the day

27/9/06 19:44  
Anonymous normzone said...

I second that. I expect missives about the professional world, or more Noble Maloof. You have set the bar high.

senxicwu: What lisping native american detectives used to help them solve their cases.

27/9/06 20:39  
Blogger k_sra said...

Well, the Irish boss had to fire someone else to make my new position possible, so it is with both shock and a tinge of awe that I assume my new role. However, I will be earning brisk sums of money for the first time in my life. A novelty for your blogging friend.

Also, in the news of my life, I expect to NaNoWriMo again this November so I may be asking my readers to help with blogging materials. (You did so great last November)

28/9/06 07:10  

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