What!?! No POWER??!?!!!

I feel like using lots of exclamation points today. OK??!?!?!!

Day Five sans electricity and we've made the evening news. i can't link to the video for some reason, but suffice it to say that Channel 3 got off their butts when an old lady from our building called them to say what a bad job the supplier (Illuminating Company) was doing at keeping her alive. Channel 3 apparently roamed her house with a camera and a flashlight and she showed them all the things that she can't handle alone. Very sad. But still not sad enough to return our mystical power source to its proper opperating condition.

Ray-Ray called them again today and they assured him they are doing everything they can to turn our power back on. "They guaranteed us power by midnight on Sunday," he told me.

How nice. Just in time for some late night running around to turn things off...
(picture is of someone else's house illuminated with flashlight. creepy)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call the Illuminating and tell them to knock off a week's worth of charges from your bill. That completely and utterly sucks big time. I hope it's put back on sooner.

19/9/08 15:56  
Blogger Churlita said...

I'm so sorry. That seems crazy. that's so long to go without power.

19/9/08 16:09  
Blogger RC Honestus said...

you know what's really bad? when you're power is out - and you get their Bill in the mail.

20/9/08 12:50  
Blogger k_sra said...

alien: wish we could!

Churlita: thanks for the sympathy. I think that helps... a little :)

rc: i know, right??? how dare they! :P

20/9/08 14:25  

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