Loud seals hollering across the Alaskan waters on a buoy. They were rambunctious. Thanks to Tara for the word. (Sorry this is both late and difficult to see. Click on pic for larger version.)

*I participate in a weekly scavenger hunt for photos related to a select word. A group of us on the internet make the rounds to see everyone else's photos and comment on how they treated the subject matter. The only rules are 1) post on Saturday (something I often fail to do) and 2) only use pictures you yourself have taken. If you want to join the fun, let us know here!

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Blogger Tara said...

Hey there, Ksra, how are you, Ray and Squiggles doing?

Seals can definitely sound rambunctious, I've only seen them at Sea World though. But they are very demanding.

2/6/09 08:31  
Blogger Churlita said...

Very cool.

2/6/09 14:15  
Blogger laura b. said...

I bet Squiggles will be rambunctious too!

3/6/09 13:34  
Blogger Sebastien said...

Love that picture! Seals are so cool. They make such funny sounds.

22/7/09 16:37  

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