Singing Website Day

I declare today to be Annoying Musical Website Day! Join in the fun by finding your own Annoying Musical Website! Try to find the most obnoxious one, or two or three.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can see you had no time today again! what are you doing with your time? you can't be working allll the time?

29/9/06 01:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment serves no purpose other than to cause any replies to the one above to be referred to as "anonymous #1," or something similar.

Also, is it weird that I just finished watching "Passion of the Christ" and my word verification almost spells "Bible?"

ibibl: Apple's electronic Bible.

29/9/06 04:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment serves the noble purpose of establishing itself as anonymous #1, despite the false claims of other comments to the title of Anonymous #1.

"All others are #2 or lower" (betcha can't source that quote without a google.

ymhssun:What Saddam Hussein says in his rare moments of self-doubt.

29/9/06 12:13  
Blogger k_sra said...

I can so too be working allll the time, Anonymous #1! And I am! It's a pity, too, but it sure pays the bills!

Saw the sunrise this morning through the trees beyond my home. Gorgeous medley of purple and orange. Storm rolled in just as I got to work and watched the smile off the sun's face.

3/10/06 07:26  
Blogger k_sra said...

How come nobody's come up with a singing website? Your anonymity won't save you from this pointless request!

3/10/06 07:27  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

We are all protesting singing website day. Especially those of us at work.

3/10/06 09:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Figures, World. Couldn't you at least sing a song at your desk? That would be as good if not better than annoying website day!

Oh and I think we messed up; we were supposed to post anonymously...

: )

3/10/06 10:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No. Engineers do not sing.

3/10/06 12:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3/10/06 14:27  
Anonymous huilqj said...

I do. I get some very strange looks, but also top secret documents fly towards me in scrunched form. V.interesting.

PS I am posting anonymously by using my word verification as my ID. Does that count?

PPS also I can't think of a funny definition so had to come up with something else quick.

PPPS Ooh! Ooh! How about: sound a small mammal makes as it's run over by a truck. No? Oh {hangs head}.

love and kisses,


3/10/06 21:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wasn't very anonymous, was it?

3/10/06 21:23  

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