Better Betty's vs. Worse Wilma's

It's a test of true friendship, a sign of utmost loyalty, its how you know you'll be best friends 4ever, KIT, LOL, AWOL, ESPN etc. You've decided to go to a costume party dressed as Betty and Wilma. Here are a few girls who decided to take their friendships to the next level. You be the judge. Who makes the best prehistoric duo?

Team 1.

Team 2.

Team 3.

Team 4.

Team 5.

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Blogger Marie said...

Team 5. I mean, look at 'em. I totally thought I was looking at the real thing.

21/9/05 13:39  
Blogger Tara said...

The last two photos look like they would be the best. Bright colors, both smiling like they mean it, convincing hairdos (although the Wilmas could put their hair up a bit higher).

21/9/05 13:40  
Blogger dag said...

Where are you hiding the good ones? Those can't be the good ones..

21/9/05 14:04  
Blogger k_sra said...

Here they are, Dag! I found them.

21/9/05 14:43  
Blogger dag said...

My eyes! MY EYES!! AHHRGG!
I had envisioned something entirely different.

21/9/05 15:03  
Blogger Marie said...

Oh, that's really cute. And classy.

21/9/05 15:10  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Teams 2 and 5 don't have their whole heart into it. They showed up, but are at least slightly embarassed. The red hair in team 1's a little too plastic for my tastes, and team 3 didn't even go with red hair. I think that leaves team 4.

21/9/05 15:14  
Blogger gnomethang said...

Team 3 at least have the heights right!

I am a little bit alarmed by the fact that we are discussing which Real person is the most real Cartoon person.
I always thought that Wilma was your mum/wife and that betty was the totally hot Missus next door that Wilma couldn't aspire to and neither could Fred.
Barney was a Lucky Man but was too stupid to realise.

Sorry!, Am I going a bit too far into all of this?

21/9/05 16:30  
Blogger Lukas Abrhm said...

none of em. they don't look like they could skin a dinosaur or whatnot. prehistoric women should be able to whup-ass and be unable to spell

21/9/05 22:31  
Blogger k_sra said...

gnome, I believe that is the most sensible explanation of the Flinstones paradigm I have ever heard. You might want to write a title for that here.

22/9/05 09:31  
Blogger gnomethang said...

I would so but I lack the HTML skills to link directly to this bit of the blog.....should I just quote it under "Keeping up with the Rubbles - No Satisfying Suburbia" ??

22/9/05 15:56  

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