Made In The USA - Nudity Edition

So, let's say you just made a solemn oath to only patronize American manufacturers (for the sake of argument, fill in the name of your own country, unless it's China). You decide to begin the revolution right now with what you're wearing. How naked would you be? My guess: Jaybird naked.

I did a rundown of my own clothing today and got the following list:

glasses: Italy
sweater: Dominican Republic
blouse: Bangladesh
bra: (yes, I went there) Thailand
pants: China
underwear: Hong Kong
socks: ??? (could be American made!)
shoes: Vietnam

So, best case scenario, I'd be standing in my socks. How about you? Where are your clothes from? And if you're going to check all your labels, you might want to find a private place... I'm just saying. : )
(and , no, this isn't the first time I've been curious about this...)

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Blogger Churlita said...

I know. And even if you try to buy products from American companies, a lot of them hire out to other countries, so it's almost impossible. Unless you make your own clothes.

16/12/08 13:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say, but I don't want to give anybody nightmares.

16/12/08 18:01  
Blogger Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

There is only a small handful of store that carry Canadian made clothing.. one is a used clothing store and just about everything was made in the 40's and 50's.. and guarenteed to be made in U.S.A or Canada.. theother id called Giant Tiger.. A cheap discount store but all Canadian made items.. I know cause I use to work there...

I think that a large portion of clothing I have is all made in China or Bagladesh..

17/12/08 06:56  
Anonymous grakki said...

Oh, good game! OK - here goes -
Boots - Zamberlan - made in Italy
Socks - Icebreaker - unknown, but I think far east / China?
Jeans - Levi 501 - Pakistan
belt - really old, I'm guessing UK or Spain
Underwear - GAP - India
tee shirt - guessing USA
1st Fleece - Latvia
(and as it's so cold, I also have... )
2nd Fleece - Hungary

Quite an interesting mix there, not so much far east, bit also not so much 'local' either....

17/12/08 09:26  
Blogger Pamela said...

Well, I'm going to go by the creed that since I buy most of my clothes from thrift stores, I'm helping the US. It's just that I'd have to go commado all the time, since I do buy those new....

18/12/08 10:51  
Blogger laura b. said...

I was intrigued by this, I checked my clothes.

underwear - Sri Lanka
tank top - Lesotho
pants - Guatamala
t-shirt - Mexico
jacket - USA
socks - USA
shoes - China

So, I guess I'd have to stand around in my socks and jacket. No one wants to see that....

18/12/08 17:18  
Blogger dmarks said...

Nothing of mine.... Oh wait, I have a sword. At least I can hold that... Oh, never mind. The sword is made in Pakistan.

21/12/08 15:59  
Anonymous wholesale belt buckles said...

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25/12/08 03:57  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

Why would our clothes be made here? We don't make anything here anymore. We just borrow money. Maybe someday our children will make something. I guess they'll kind of have to, since we owe so much (sorry squiggles).

8/1/09 00:17  
Blogger k_sra said...

Poor Squiggles and 'Gineer Jr. Speaking of, I know s/he's imminent! So exciting. All the best to you and the missus. If you send me a pic I will post it here for all your fans to fawn over. : )

8/1/09 08:35  

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