Scavenger Hunt for Love

You had to know I'd post photos of marrying my Sweetheart this July. Top to bottom: wedding shower wrapped in blankets his Grandmother knitted for us, our reception after our first dance, and last, formal portrait after the ceremony.

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Blogger laura b. said...

Aw! I can feel the love :-) Newlyweds are da bomb.

22/12/08 13:41  
Blogger Churlita said...

Oh, that's so sweet. It's good to see you two so happy and in love.

22/12/08 14:27  
OpenID aliencg said...

Love is in the air. Very lovely photos, I went for the materialistic side of love.

22/12/08 21:41  
Blogger Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Ahhhhh that is so sweet... have a very Merry Christmas...

24/12/08 13:38  
Blogger Tara said...

Those are three lovely shots of love for sure! :)

25/12/08 16:21  
Blogger NoRegrets said...

What wonderful photos!!!

30/12/08 09:15  

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