WHITE of Way

Here's my belated scavenger shot for "white." Didn't even know there was a new word! oops! This was one of the statues at the entrance to the Buddhist Temple in Richmond, BC, Canada where we ended our Honeymoon voyage last July.

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Blogger Tara said...

I got messed up this week too and posted mine late. I knew the word, I just totally forgot to post something. I like your photo, everyone should have one of those lions outside of their home or apartment.

29/12/08 08:56  
Blogger Churlita said...

Very cool white statue.

29/12/08 12:05  
Blogger laura b. said...

Oh, I like that! Clearly, we all need to go on a honeymoon to beef up our stores of wonderful pictures :-)

I invite you to stop by my blog for the new words. I always post them in the top right column when whoever is tagged finally commits to one.

30/12/08 00:49  

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