The boss' wife made Halloween cupcakes with spooky sprinkles on top and I'm in the middle of eating one with my tea and grinning like an idiot, because stupid little gestures like that make me happy. It was completely unnecessary and yet it is what makes life a little fuller than mere existence. She got to share her enthusiasm and cheer a few other people. I like that. So I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you.
Halloween is, quite possibly, my least favorite US holiday. I really get cranky when I see little children dripping blood from door to door... childhood is short and should be sweet, not traumatic. But all that crankiness aside, I appreciate the people for whom a holiday is never a missed opportunity to celebrate life: even if it's a celebration of cupcakes.
So, Happy Halloween from this ghost of a blogger to all the ghouls and boys in Blogland!

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Mug Shotz 3.0


Picture a Day Video

This one's the best of, I think.

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Caption Me!

Best caption wins my eternal admiration:

(Let's face it; we're all bored here and we need something to do.)

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MugShotz 2.0

That was actually kind of fun! Let's do it again.
Today's random stranger mug shot:

Now recreate the face better than everyone else over here.

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Stay off the pot, Doc.

University professors have to relax somehow!

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Now for a new sort of game. I've selected a random photo of a random person from the internet. Your mission is to use the mugshot sketch site to create the most believable and accurate rendering of the random stranger.

Today's mug shot:

Sketch it!

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