Your Hobbies Are Boring

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I am proud to have turned thirty today. So far, I can say that I really like it! Up to now the festivities for yours truly have included, phone calls, text messages, emails, e-cards, surprise party (with cake and a singing candle!), gifts, money, and a sneaky kiss or two from the boyfriend who caught an early flight home from a business trip. (thank you, sneaky Boyfriend!)

Ah! it's good to be thirty!

Everybody who is already thirty tell me a good story of how much fun you had turning thirty. PLEASE!

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Merv Griffin Dies at 82

Say "so long" to one of America's most venerated performers.
Merv Griffin Passed away Monday, August 13, 2007.

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Happy Left Handers' Day

Yep, you south paws get the honorable August 13th as your special day to shine and whine.

Mymo, here's looking at you. : )

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Still sick. Still in the red for office sick days available. Still working.

At least it's air conditioned!
(picture of my sick bed)

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Bunnies Help Make It Better

Seems that on a day like today when I'm not feeling my best (swollen eyelid, sore throat, stiff neck) bunnies help me to relax and laugh and feel better. Why bunnies? I don't know. I just don't know... (I would leave work and go home and pamper myself except that I'm over my available sick hours by thirty minutes)

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